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Import shock

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Import shock, or Sudden Import Death Syndrome was a bug of the original Creatures game in which recently-imported norns would occasionally die for no apparent reason. According to slink, it is because when a norn is exported, its metabolism is stopped. Sometimes when a norn is imported, its metabolism does not get restarted, leading to the creature's death. [1]

It is interesting to note that slink originally intended for the later C1 norn breeds (Ron Norns and the like) to be overcome with a necromould later in life. However it seems that this was discarded in favour of a simple automatic-death gene due to import shock-related fatalities.

The only way around import shock is to back up all .exp files, possibly by using the "read-only" function. This will create an error dialogue, but not crash the game.

Import shock is probably related to the as-yet un-named condition where after a crash, reopening the world would kill about half the norns in the world, seemingly at random.