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Hyena Norn

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The Hyena Norns are a genetic breed by Risen Angel for Creatures 3/Docking Station. Hyena norns can survive in the ettin desert with little issues. They can eat anything, although it's highly unlikely that they'll eat seeds or fruit. Instead, they focus entirely on critters, food, and detritus. They are gluttons, and tend to eat a lot. They are quite resistant to heat, and feel at home in the Ettin Terrarium (although this doesn't stop them from going other places to find food....). They are social creatures that tend to gather in groups. They tend to get angry easily, but among males this only happens when one slaps another. Females, on the other hand, become angry when pregnant or when they smell a grendel.

They have a Carrion agent included too.

They are available at Eemfoo.org.