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Hotness is the feeling of being 'too hot' in Creatures.  It is a common side effect of [[disease]] in the Creatures series.
#REDIRECT [[C1 Chemical List]]
In C1, hotness and coldness do not cancel each other out by default - only in some genetic breeds such as the [[Yin Yang Norn]]s.  It is therefore important to give the norns something which reduces hotness, not increases coldness when they are sick, such as the [[gentian]] herb.  The [[kitchen]] fireplace (which creatures often call "[[hot]]") makes the kitchen quite stuffy.
In C3/DS, hotness is reduced by a creature having enough [[water]] in their system - or by the creature being both cold and hot at the same time.  If the creature runs a high temperature, they can run out of water and suffocate, so it is important to treat [[Fever toxin|fevers]].  The [[Magma Norn]]s have a higher tolerance of hotness than other creatures.

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