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Just a Guy that does some stuff.

Creatures 1 was the first game he ever spent money on. Interestingly, he didn't play it, as the finesse of the game escaped him at the time. 15 years later, his interest renewed, he acquired creatures 1, 2, 3, as well as Docking Station. {C}He does not consider himself an "avid gamer", however he does enjoy retro gaming a lot.

His contribution to the Creatures community has so far been quite limited, although he enjoys haunting CC Chat. His future intentions include:

  • Making every version of Creatures completely portable, although there may be limitations with the Creatures 2 version and it's graphics 16-bit software rendering, as well as potential copyright issues.
  • Building yet another Creatures 1 fan site, which will focus on making many of the COB available for the game more easily accessible.

In real life, hotmatrixx is a business owner and Computer and Networking Analyst, focusing on the areas of data backup, and truly mobile computing - thus his interest in me in the Portable version of Creatures. His 'other' hobby is hunting, especially possums, and he is owned by 3 cats and 3 Chihuahuas.

Other games he has enjoyed:1213 - notable as It is the only game he has ever built a walk-through for. , BattleZone (C&C from inside a hovertank), Combat Commander,[Dangerous Dave 2 3, G Police and Weapons Of Justice, Lemmings For Windows, Re-Volt, Trine 1 and 2, Worms Series