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Honey Honey is a delectable treat in Creatures 1 that is savoured by Norns and Grendels alike! When a world is first created, six honey pots are scattered in random locations. Each honey pot may be eaten from several times before it is emptied. Upon emptying a honey pot, it can be refilled by a creature or the Hand by dropping it in front of the beehives above the learning computer.

Honey is the least nutritious of the foods provided in Creatures (carrots, lemons and cheese), but it satisfies hunger. Specifically, it has the following effects:

In 2020, Verm released Improved Honey, in which honey was updated similiarly to Jessica of Discover Albia's updated C1 food cobs, lowering hunger decrease amount and increasing NFP decrease, and fixing invisibility.

Honey is also present in Creatures 2, where the pots are bigger. They still get emptied eventually, though, and must be put under a beehive to be refilled.

Each sip gives:

Sadly, the Shee do not appear to have been fond enough of honey to take any with them when they left Albia, and there is none in the Docking Station or Creatures 3, despite having 3 beehives in the Norn Terrarium.

There are many COBs and agents that create or use honey: