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Hircine Norn

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Hircine Norn
Hircine Norn (male)

Hircine Norn (male)

Breed Slot Grendel Slot E
Species Norn
Creator(s) Karithina (Sprites)
Hircine Norn (female)

The Hircine Norns are a hairy, horned C3/DS sprite breed by Karithina, inspired by the Goat Norn for C2. Their horns grow as they age. They were created with Geneforge and released for the CCSF 2023.

Version 1 uses Grendel slot T and the TWB genome.

Version 2 uses Grendel slot E and has the option of one of three genomes: TWB, CFE, and ex47.

The Hircine Norn is available on Eem Foo's Archive.

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