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Helen's Cob Creation Tutorials

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Helen's Cob Creation Tutorials are a series of C2 COBbling tutorials made by Helen, available at Helen's Bibble Directory. BOBCOB is used throughout the tutorials. A Russian translation is available at Iggdrasil, and a German translation is available at Creatures Unlimited.

  • Tutorial 1 - creating a cheese variant, using BOBCOB and the basics of CAOS.
  • Tutorial 2 - make a Red Cordial cob, using a sprite file you make yourself and packaging up your cob.
  • Tutorial 3 - make a vendor.
  • Tutorial 4 - loops, doif statements, poses, random numbers and moving objects, using the Toy Truck.
  • Tutorial 5 - animating objects.
  • Tutorial 6 - make a Dolly and use external scripts, make a creature say something while it uses your object.
  • Tutorial 7 - Use the ETCH command.
  • Tutorial 8 - Use TARG and the timer script.
  • Tutorial 9 - Make a critter cob that will do things forever and ever.
  • Tutorial 10 - Make a flying critter.