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Helen's Bibble Directory

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  • Addresses:
    • www.creaturesvillage.com/helen/ (latest; down; archive.is and wayback.archive.org
    • www.helephant.com/creatures (down; archive.is (most links on archive are broken))
    • www.frimlin.co.nz/helen/ (down)
    • Ancient links, mostly unarchived
      • www.kpweb.com/chosted/helen/frame.html (down)
      • www.gil.com.au/~emersonh/ (down)
      • members.tripod.com/~norn_adopt/ (down)

Helen's Bibble Directory was a popular Creatures Community site in the late C2/C3 era, but is no longer updated.

Summary Of Content[edit]

Hints, tips and FAQs for Creatures, Creatures 2 and Creatures 3. Includes the rather amusing Ask Trish section, where it's hard to tell whether you're meant to be laughing at the questions or the answers, as well as the Baby Name Book and Norns In The Wild:

"Oh well, I suppose the best bit about this job is making the animals perform. Are my cattle prods ready for the next take?"

Also hosts Helen's Cob Creation Tutorials, along with lots of other COBs, rooms and agents:

History Of Website[edit]

Evolved from the Norn Adoption Clinic and The Bibble

Interesting Facts[edit]

No norns were harmed in the making of this website. No, really!