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Hebe Norn

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Hebe Norn

Male and Female Hebe Norns

Other names Desert Norn, Bald Norn
Species Norn
Breed slot Norn Slot H
Game Creatures 2
Creator Creature Labs

The Hebe Norns are one of three norn breeds included with the original release of Creatures 2, created by Colin Swinbourne. In the hatchery, their eggs are light green with pale green patches (male) and cream-colored (female) , though eggs laid in the wild can be any colour. They may be related to the Golden Desert Norns from the Life Kit #1 for Creatures 2.

The Hebe Norn features heavily in Creatures 2 promotional material (see below). Given their physical resemblance, the Hebe Norns may at least have a spiritual relation to the Brown Mouse Norns from Creatures 1.

Third-party breeds[edit]


Desert Norn Promo Image A Hebe Norn Fishing Hebe Norns encounter a spider Promo image of a Desert Norn wearing groucho glasses and a caneDesert Norn render from the Creatures 2 cover