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NornenMeister (person)

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NornenMeister´s Avatar on Mummy's Creatures Forum: a female Foxi Norn

NornenMeister joined the Creatures Community in 2004. His first work for Creatures was the conversion of the Creatures 3 Pumuckl Norns for Creatures 2 (released February 2004). His first own breed was the Foxi Norns for Creatures 2 (released March 2004). His first world for Creatures 2 was the Sweet World (released in fall 2004). On 6 June 2004 he called himself now jokingly NornenMeister, started as creator and webmaster of his Creatures website also called NornenMeister and he ran the website until 31 October 2008. In this time he converted seven breeds (five Norn, one Grendel and one Ettin breed) for C2, and created sixteen breeds with new sprites (eight Norn, four Grendel and four Ettin breed). During this time he also constructed nine worlds for C2 and a lot little things for the game and around. From 21 January 2009 to 17 March 2009, NornenMeister's website made a comeback due to popular demand.

On 17 March 2009, NornenMeister closed his website again and re-opened it on 23 September 2012. He became a new administrator at Mummy's Creatures Forum on 27 September 2012. On 4 October 2016, NornenMeister retired as administrator of Mummy's Creatures Forum. In the latter half of 2016, he allegedly "vandalised" Creatures Caves by replacing his breed, COB and adoption uploads with broken files, along with adopting all of the available CreatureLink adoptions [1]. It is unknown what the motive behind his actions was.

Creatures Development

female Calypso Norn

Creator of the following breeds for Creatures 2:

female Winged Bulbous Grendel
male Plague Ettin C2 - Original from Snapdragon

He has converted the following breeds from Creatures 3 to Creatures 2:

He has converted the following breeds from Docking Station to Creatures 2:


He has also converted the following breeds from Creatures Village to Creatures 2:

Creator the following Creatures 2 worlds:

Flying Wonderland

Unfinished breeds from NornenMeister:

A male Albitopian Norn from the Albitopian Norn project

Unfinished worlds from NornenMeister:

A Screenshoot from the C1toC2 Albia project

NornenMeister created also some cheats, chemical mixes, pictures, sound files, egg sprites and other sprites for Creatures 2. As well as Creatures screensavers, Creatures desktop themes, Creatures games, Creatures tinkering things and much more.

Interesting Facts

The Silver Hand Award - made by Ghosthande