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Halloween Story 2005

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Halloween Story 2005 is a story from the author of Creatures Paradise.

It was a beautiful evening, on a carrot hill. I haven't seen one like this in a long time. However, now it was time to return home to my treehouse, which I did immediately. When I arrived at the elevator under the tree house, I thought about the silence, because usually, it was much louder than this, even when it's dark out. However today my parents visited the Ettin Desert, I wonder why they wanted to travel there rather than anywhere else because all that's there is dust and dirt! That's why I got goosebumps, it was strange to be all alone in the elevator, knowing that nobody would be waiting for me at the top, but I thought I overreacted. Finally, the elevator stopped, I was there, I walked quickly into the small tree house, the floorboards creaked under me. The leaves rustled in the tree, I was happy to be home! When I was first there, I lit a candle, I wanted to see something, However, the flickering candlelight did not do anything to calm me down. To distract myself from it, I took an apple from the table, sat down at the table and ate the apple. Suddenly, I heard some scratching, and it came from the windows, I looked around, but couldn't find anything. Then, I went closer to the mysterious object and still couldn't see anything. I must've overreacted again. I wanted to go outside to look. But I heard a splashing sound against the window, I jerked around and saw something slowly pull down the window. It looked like a hand. Who was that? What was that? It became immediately silent, but suddenly I started hearing noises coming from the creaky boards beneath me, it moved, creeping slowly around the house. From the window, going in the direction of the elevator. I made a prayer to Shee, that the thing below me would leave as fast as possible. But my prayers were pointless, the sound became louder by the minute, that must mean its coming closer, right? Again, it became very silent, all I could hear was my own heavy breathing. Where was it coming from? What did it want? Suddenly, I heard a dull sound, it came from the roof, it sounded like something had jumped on the roof! Lots of dust fell from the ceiling due to the vibrations, this got caught in the candlelight, and threatened to slowly extinguish it. I heard footsteps on the roof, they got closer, and closer, and with that dust fell down from the ceiling more. The dust got caught in my lungs, it literally paralyzed me, I shook with fear, not daring to move an inch. Again, silence, nothing moved, everything was still, all that moved was the tiny flickering of the candlelight. What is going on? Am I safe? I did not dare to breathe, my eyes darted through the hut, was something really there? No way! No way! I was finally safe, relieved, I gasped. ! ! *BANG* ! ! I heard something roar on the ceiling, what was it? My breath stopped, eyes froze. I gasped. This noise?

  • BANG*

I saw a huge cloud of dust drop from the ceiling, from it small stones fell down, too. What did it want?

  • BANG*

It was bigger! Now I know what it wants, it wants to penetrate through the ceiling! I must leave! I mustered all my courage and sprinted for the door. BANG, It was busy with the blanket, I threw open the door, ran out, and jumped down into the pond below me, turned around, I saw nothing. All I saw was our house, shone out of weak lighting from the candle that was still burning. I heard a strong bump, I looked back again; this time closer, and saw a huge cloud of dust that was illustrated by the silvery moonlight, right where my house was! And then, I saw something in the clouds, a shadow! It moved, it was coming closer to me! I was frightened, I ran as fast as I could, where would I go? I didn't care, what I needed to do was to get away from here! I have never ran this fast, now I thought to myself that I would be safe, as I arrived at the carrot hill and took a turn to the incubator. Before I locked the door, I wanted to take another look at it. Through a small gap in the door, I saw nothing, only dark shadows of trees. I became calmer, my heartbeat got slower, and my face relaxed. But then that weird thing jumped all the way from the tree platform all the way to the carrot hill and directly in front of me. I tore the door closed, pushed against it, my heart was racing again, my eyes were huge with fear, my fur was sweaty! What is that thing? There's no way that's a Grendel, a Grendel could never jump that far! What was that beast???

And then the story asks you if you want to spoil it and gives you three options to pick from Pessimist,Optimist, and Realist. If you pick Pessimist, then this dialogue appears: I felt the vibration of the door, I turned my head with big eyes to the right. I could see how it put its hand through the hole it had beaten through, it had a green hand and many thorns and spikes, then the next thing I knew those cold claws crunched my throat, it had literally tied my throat, there was a lot of breathing, it felt like it squeezed blood out of my body. The thing then put its claw in my palm, which gave me a sting. It clamped onto my neck. It was a horrible pain, I screamed as loud as I could, but it didn't take me long before I fainted. It took me a while to wake up, and when I woke up, I was in a tomb. If you pick Optimist, then this dialogue appears: There were hammering sounds, I felt the vibration of the door, there were many thumps in the door. I ran away from the noises to study the strange creature and cowered in the corner behind the learning computer, where I spent hours of fear until all at once, something screamed, and it sounded awful. However, as soon as the banging on the door stopped my curiosity gave out. It had already drilled out holes in the door, it must have hit the door hard, but these holes radiated light, it was sunlight! The sun had risen! I looked carefully through the holes, I couldn't see anything at all, because I had been hiding in the dark, but then my eyes slowly adjusted to the sunlight. I didn't quite trust them though, the one thing I saw was just a huge green black bubbly slime nose. What was that? I didn't know, all I knew was that it was gone, and that was good. If you pick Realist, then this dialogue appears: Suddenly, I woke up! Was it just a dream? Yes, that must've been so, but I looked around just to be sure. I didn't see anything that resembled a monster, all I saw was the light of the sun beaming in the branches of the Apple Tree, the bitten apple next door, nothing else, just the bridge that I lay on, no monsters, no dust in the air, and no tree house;


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