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HQ Audio

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HQ Audio is a patch for DS by the1whoscreams, available to download on Creatures Caves, which includes higher-quality versions of some sounds included in DS that were also used in earlier games in the series.

The files included are:

  • chwp.WAV
  • coug.WAV
  • crak.wav
  • dead.WAV
  • dr10.wav
  • excl.wav
  • gig1.WAV
  • gig2.WAV
  • gig3.WAV
  • kis1.WAV
  • kis2.WAV
  • ow!1.WAV
  • ow!2.WAV
  • ow!3.WAV
  • punc.WAV
  • shiv.WAV
  • snee.WAV
  • zzzz.wav