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HIST WTIK is a CAOS command that returns the world tick that a given life event happened.


Syntax: HIST WTIK moniker(str) event_no(integer)

Returns the world tick time of the event.


The Creature History script displays the real-world time that life events happened by default, but using HIST WTIK along with HIST DATE, HIST SEAN, and HIST YEAR, it can display the in-game time of events instead:

*where ov01 is the creature's moniker and va00 is a given life event in a loop
doif game "c3_after_shee_dates" eq 0
	*obtain world tick of the event
	setv va50 hist wtik ov01 va00
	*get date of that world tick
	setv va51 hist date va50
	addv va51 1
	sets va10 vtos va51
	adds va10 " "
	*get season of that world tick
	adds va10 read "creature_history_seasons" hist sean va50
	adds va10 " "
	*get year of that world tick
	setv va51 hist year va50
	addv va51 127
	adds va10 vtos va51
ptxt va10