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HIST CAGE is a CAOS function that returns a creature's life stage when a given life event happened to it.


Syntax: HIST TAGE moniker(string) event_number(integer)

Returns the creature's life stage when the given life event happened to it as an integer, ranging from 0 (baby) to 6 (ancient).


As used by Fast Ager Trap to find the life event where a creature became an adult (which can then be checked with HIST TAGE to see if the creature became an adult too fast):

**va00 is the moniker of the creature the code is looking at
**va01 is the current aging event in that creature's history that the code is looking at
setv va02 hist cage va00 va01
	**check the creature's life stage at the time of this aging event
	doif va02 eq 3
		**code to check creature's age in ticks at the time, etc, continues from here

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