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Grenorns are creatures that are categorized as Norns in the game, though their genomes contain Grendel genes. Usually (in C2, C3 and DS), they display some grendel body parts, such as Grendel arms or tails. They also usually have some Norn and some Grendel characteristics. The term was coined by Rob Sedgebeer of the Creatures Information Exchange. In the first Creatures game, Grenorns could be created using the Preview Kit, and were distinguished from regular norns by a slightly greenish tint. source In later games, grenorns are usually created by splicing Norns and Grendels using the official splicers, or by using a third-party gene splicer or creating them yourself. Sarah Kember suggests in Cyberfeminism and Artificial Life that the splicer was invented by the game developers as a response to the players' invention of the Grenorn.

See also Norgren and Grorn.

The Grendel version is called a Norndel.

Grenorn is also the name of a fan-fiction series.

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