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Grendel Scarer

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Grendel and Grendel Scarer

Exclusive to Life Kit #1, the Grendel Scarer can be used as a Grendel locator by dropping it to the floor and seeing which way the nozzle points. Clicking on the Grendel scarer sends a stream of Grenspray out of the nozzle. Should this Grenspray hit a Grendel, he'll be zapped back up into the trees above the garden. Very useful for Grendel emergencies! It has no chemical effects on creatures, and the scarer itself is called 'bigtoy'. Creatures can push the Grendel Scarer.

It uses the C1 class numbers:

  • 2 12 4
  • 2 14 6

There is also a Grendel Scarer Agent made by Mk.