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The Gosh-hawk carrying a Grazer to the nest.

Gosh-hawk (Assipter stewardian)[edit]


The massive Gosh-hawk, larger than a Norn child, is the only bird of prey in Creatures 3. It generally resides in the large nest in the upper left of the Norn Terrarium, but from time to time, fly about in search of the equally large Grazer. However, despite its size, Creatures are completely safe from it. An important role in the game's ecology is filled by the Gosh-hawk- not only does it control the Grazer's population, but it also produces bones from its prey that the ant colony below its nest depend on for survival.

The Gosh-hawk also possesses an unusual ability to teleport if placed in water or outside the Norn Terrarium. However, to rid of the Gosh-hawk permanently, one must simply use the airlock to kill it- it will not appear again until it is re-injected.

Did you know? The goshawk is an actual terran bird.

A rare screenshot of the Gosh-hawk teleporting away from the Marine Terrarium.

Food web[edit]

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