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Goron40 is the screen name of a Creatures breeder, agent designer (only for himself), genetic engineer of various creature breeds (once again, only for himself), and Role Player Character Goron40. He has been known to be quite critical of other people's ideas, even if he has no idea what he is talking about.

Early Years[edit]

He is a fairly old-school gamer, and started playing Creatures 1 back on Windows 95 when he was 6 or 7. Goron met with little success, and had difficulty making a single generation survive. After his family upgraded to Windows 2000, Creatures would no longer operate, and so he gave up on the game for many years.

After many years, he finally wanted to get back on the Creatures scene, and popped in his old C1 disc. Needless to say the old C1 disc only ran on Windows 95. However feeling the need to look after those stupid little beings called the Norns, he went through ebay and picked up a Creatures Trilogy disc. And thus began Goron's entrance into Creatures Community (April 6th, 2005).

Goron40 was, for a time, an active member of the Gameware Forums. He occasionally provided ideas for new agents or breeds, mostly only for Creatures 3, told of his discoveries, or shared his years of Creatures experience on the forums.

Origin of the screen name[edit]

The screen name Goron40 is based on a creature from The Legend of Zelda Series. The 40 has no significance. The name was originally used in the MMORPG Runescape.

Present Day[edit]

Today, Goron40 is an administrator of the Blackstar role playing forums. He is rarely found playing creatures, and has opted to become more of a role player.

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