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Goldfish are one of the two species of fish that came in Creatures 2, the other being the edible Zander Fish. Goldfish are found chiefly in the pond near the incubator, and in the subterranean dock above the Shee laboratories. There is also an egg launcher which can be used to create more goldfish eggs.

Cuff Droppin made an Edible Goldfish Patch which made the goldfish give fat, protein, need for pleasure decrease and hunger decrease when eaten. It is available at Adventures in Nornsitting!.

Goldfish were converted for use with DS for the Terra metaroom. In addition to being made edible, the population of goldfish was replenished automatically when it dropped too low.

Fun fact: Real-life goldfish can only live in freshwater, but because a freshwater and saltwater system would not be implemented until Creatures 3, underwater critters in Creatures 2 can live in any body of water, whether it be ponds or the ocean.

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