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Global Evolution Observation

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The Global Evolution Observation or GEO is a Global Wolfling Run (GWR) for Docking Station and Creatures 3, with specific criteria for elements such as which breeds, metarooms and agents are allowed to be used and what the world's in-game settings should be. In this worldwide Creatures experiment extra emphasis is placed on environmental variations, and closely observing the changes in genetic evolution that occur as a result of environmental pressures.

To quote TreeSprite, "The Global Evolution Observation wolfling run will be run with the idea in mind that we will be closely observing the norns for any changes. We are looking for any changes that will be interesting to creatures enthusiasts, and will be reporting to the other members regularly to keep them informed as to how the creatures are behaving, and whether they are capable of surviving in the environments that we individually set up. The name GEO was chosen for it's multifaceted implications to this experiment. The moderators of the experiment have agreed upon the idea that all of the worlds should include environments that will easily support the learning and evolution of the creatures. Environment is felt by the moderators to be the key to evolution, and we wish to support that idea to the fullest. GEO members should be comfortable with this idea as well."

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