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GirlySatan's Creatures Webpage

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Summary of Content[edit]

Has a devil theme which matches the rest of their website.

There are plans for GirlySatan to add their own COB's to the website, and a new world based on the original Albia. It will have many new and interactive objects, including food, animals, and different classes for new objects to allow room to add more.

There are many C1 COBs downloads on each Genus number page.


The largest part of the website was created once the webmaster discovered that some COB's actually had different script numbers than were in the readme file. This website was made by going through every COB they had, and comparing the script numbers used in the installation script with the script number used in the readme file.

It quickly evolved into making a page for each Genus so any changes to a Species caused by another COB is clearly documented, and each page provided a clear visual representation of all the object numbers that were used (although only one Genus per page is shown).

GirlySatan had a fairly large collection of COB's downloaded during the days of Where's The COB, but continued to look for more. The webpage was also created with the intent to host all the files the webmaster found relating to third party Creatures items, including Breeds and COB's.