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Yggrasil, The Tree of Life

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Yggrasil, The Tree of Life, is a giant, bluish tree and an area in Creatures 2, located near the Western Ocean and across the bridge from the Desert area. A beehive can be found in its branches, triffid and pear plants grow around its base, and Pulsatilla Berries grow on a fern near its roots. It has sometimes been called the Season Tree because a scroll which tells the current season is affixed to its trunk.

Unlike most areas in Creatures 2, Yggrasil will actually change appearance depending upon the current season: its leaves will turn brown in the Autumn, disappear in the Winter, and then regrow in the Spring!

The Yggrasil area is unique, as it is the only area that the rare Gelsemium mushroom grows naturally.

Note: The (incorrect) spelling given here is based on the wording given by Creatures 2 - Official Strategies & Secrets. The correct term is actually Yggdrasil. The tree is also referred to as the Giant Birch by the Creatures 2 Genetics Kit.

Native Critters:

Native Plants: