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Geneforge Blueberry Norn

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Geneforge Blueberries

The Blueberry norns are an unofficial C3/DS breed made by Freylaverse based off of the Blueberry Norndoll. They were made as a template breed for the Geneforge tool, a Blender file and addon designed to streamline the breed-making process. The male norn was partly designed after the male Primrose Norns from Creatures Village since the colours complemented each other. They are purple and hairless - like the Blueberry doll - and are designed to fit in with the standard C3/DS breed complement.

The Blueberry norns came with:

  • The textures used to make the Blueberry norns
  • Two norns (Blueberry and Norbert)
  • The .agents files to install the Blueberry norns (CFE and TWB)

The Blueberry norns occupy Norn breed slot V, and thus conflict with the Trident Norns and Yautja Norns.


The male Blueberry norn was named "Norbert" because when Freylaverse's mother got her Blueberry doll with her copy of Creatures 2, she didn't know that it had a name, so she called it "Norny Norbert".