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Gefallene Engel Norn

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The Gefallene Engel Norns (Fallen Angel Norns) are a genetic breed by Marcus K. that uses Chichi Norn and Winged Chichi Norn sprites. These norns become angry easily and like to hit other creatures, and are otherwise not very peaceful. Other features include:

  • Immune to disease
  • Never get homesick
  • Very fertile
  • Like to travel through portals
  • Not amphibious, but can hold their breath for a long time
  • Getting hit by the Hand is like getting tickled, and getting tickled is like being hit
  • More rugged and heal more easily
  • Need a bit more food than normal, and eating also helps with things like boredom

They were available at Creatures Unlimited and can be downloaded from the archive.

See also Engel (Angel) Norns.