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[[Image:Gecko_norn_female.png|left|frame|Female Gecko Norn]]
[[Image:Gecko_norn_female.png|left|frame|female Gecko Norn]]
The '''Gecko Norns''' were created by [[Wafuru]] who converted the [[sprite]]s from a [[Creatures Adventures]] breed and added a tail in order to make them look more lizard-like. They only come in one size.
The '''Gecko Norn'''s were created by [[Wafuru]] who converted the sprites from a breed of [[Creatures Adventures]] and added a tail in order to make them look more lizard like. They only come in one size and can be downloaded at [[Adventures in Nornsitting!]] ([http://www.helephant.com/wafuru/e/gecko.html direct link]).  
The Gecko Norns occupy [[Norn]] [[breed slot|slot]] G and can be [http://www.creaturesvillage.com/wafuru/ downloaded] at [[Adventures in Nornsitting!]].
The Gecko Norns occupy [[Norn]] [[breed slot]] G.  
[[Category: Unofficial Norn Breeds]][[Category: C3 Norn Breeds]]
''Have you been having trouble with Gecko Norn [[egg]]s being laid by the [[Grendel Mother]]?  [[Don]] has made a [[patch]] to fix this - get it [http://www.webpetz.com/creatures/updatesce.php?page=2 here], at [[WebPetz]]!''
[[Category: Unofficial Norn Breeds]][[Category: C3/DS Norn Breeds]][[Category:Breed Slot C3NG]]

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