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Geater also known in some places as Lsproc, has been a fan of Creatures ever since he recieved Creatures 2 on a covermount. Even though he had the game, he was never really part of the Creatures Community until he joined Albia 2000 on the 15th March 2005. Shortly after, he joined the Gameware Development forums under the name Lsproc. He owns all the titles, except for the ones in the Village pack.

For the community, he has written the Creatures Content Installer, designed to make distributing agents, breeds and metarooms simple, by just reading the location from the Registry and copying the files to the correct places. He has also made the autorun for the Creatures Community Disk, in the same language AutoIt v3.

As a person, he is into computers (interestingly old ones, ones running Linux, ones running BeOS and Macs), especially programming, where he has written various tools in AutoIt and Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic.NET 2005. He is also into music, and plays trumpet, completing Grade 4 in 2006.

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