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Gay Norn

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Gay Norns are a variant of the original norn genome for Creatures 3/Docking Station that allows attraction (and optionally, breeding) between male norns.

"This was a breed, or variant on the regular norn, which allowed two of the same sex norn to make out and do the dirty ;)
Hehe, the patch comes in two flavours which allow the norns to either become pregnant.. or not... depending on your tastes I guess.
This was done by adding a new chemical to each gay norn variety, called "gayness" of all things :D
Then the norns attraction to the opposite sex was turned off and arousal linked to the same sex.
The breeding script was then patched to allow the same sex to kiss and impregnate eachother .. and you know.. not make them interested in the oppsite sex and all that ... kylie concerts, an unanny ability to dance and stuff. Minty." - Jennie
Settles the nature/nurture discussion once and for all! ;-) --GreenReaper

The Gay Norns were available to download from MoopSoft but are no longer available.

Even with the Gay Norn patch, Norns are not exclusively gay as such; the patch simply allows them to kiss and mate with whomever they want, regardless of gender (a more accurate name for this patch would be pansexual or bisexual norns). This can potentially result in a decrease in population, as Norns may be too interested in the same sex to breed with the opposite sex.

It is unknown why same-sex interactions weren't included in the games to begin with. One possibility is that the inclusion of such behaviour may have been too controversial, although The Sims series has included this feature ever since it was first released in 2000. Another is that same-sex interactions might cause social bonding between members of the same sex, leading to difficulties in breeding between opposite sex creatures.

Gulli adapted all the official breeds to be gay.