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Garden Box

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The Garden Box is an agent injector system developed by Amaikokonut for Docking Station. Partially inspired by The Biodome, the Garden Box allows for easy injection of plants, animals and decorations, so that you can customize rooms, 'like a giant multi-vendor'.

Agents written for the Garden Box use the DSGB Pray block rather than the usual DSAG block for agents. Anyone is able to write or convert an agent for the Garden Box, and it requires the Magic Words for some functions.

Special features of the Garden Box include the ability to create 'patch plants' - where you draw a box on the background for plants such as apples or chili peppers, and they grow inside the box you defined. Patch plants can be configured to grow quickly, more slowly, or only during certain in-game seasons.

Another special feature is the decorations function - which injects scenery objects, such as a dormant volcano or the shee statue from C2 into the background, allowing you to make your world prettier. The Garden Box is available at Garden Box Central.

When Creatures Exodus is used on a version of Windows later than Windows Vista, catalogue errors can cause the Garden Box not to work correctly. Catalogue Test can check whether the player's game is prone to this. To prevent this, either resolve the split installation by reinstalling the game into My Documents/Creatures or by manually moving catalogue files after injecting agents into the Program Files (x86) edition of the catalogues folder.

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