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Game Controller

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Game Controller

The Game Controller is a tool for Docking Station created by Pilla. Upon injection of this agent, 7 buttons that allow the player to toggle several game settings are added to the top left corner of the screen.


  • Play/pause the game - This button allows the player to toggle between a playing and paused gamestate. During the paused state, the player can still use the GUI and navigate around in the world.
  • Autokill - Clicking this button enables or disables autokill.
  • Fast/normal ticks - Toggle between fast ticks or normal ticks (20fps)
  • Rendering - This button makes the game only render every 40 ticks. Clicking anywhere snaps out of this setting
  • Hand holding - This setting (which is very buggy) disables "hand holding" with a creature, for a C2 experience.
  • Creature pickup - This setting (also very buggy) enables/disables you to pick up your creatures
  • Hand visibility - Clicking this button makes the hand (in)visible for your creatures.

External links[edit]

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