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GameFreak's Lab

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GameFreak's Lab
  • Addresses:
    • lab.s4t4n.net (down)
    • www.joey.publicthesis.co.uk/creatures (archive)
    • www.geocities.com/masterofalllabzzz (old, archive)
  • Webmaster: GameFreak
  • Contributors/Staff: User:NornAlbion
  • Ran from/to dates: Around September 2003 - 2012 (approx)

Summary Of Content[edit]

Some agents, CAOS tutorials for C3 and C1, bootstrap files and CookieMaker.

History Of Website[edit]

For pretty much all of its life as GameFreak's Creature Labz its only good point was its snazzy banner, which was made in mspaint, taking about 2 minutes. Other features were one C3 tutorial, which is still available for historical reasons, but needs a major update, which it will recieve soon, and a painfully poorly sprited agent that vends food potentially harmful to a creatures eating instincts.
The site became GameFreak's Lab and moved to a new host, this was launched on the 15th of July, 2004. The frame based layout was painful to view, use and update, the site gained most content in this form, and most people probably know it as GameFreak's site due to the release or CookieMaker.
The latest incarnation of GameFreak's Lab gained 3 main things over the previous versions.
1. It has lost the frame laoyout, and moved to a much nicer table based layout.
2. The colour is now provided by an external CSS file, and there are plans in the pipeline to allow users to make the Lab look how they want.
And 3. It has a PHP news and links system linked up to an SQL database, allowing GameFreak and other staff to add news, and speeding up the process no end, however this will not effect users much.

Interesting Facts[edit]

There is nothing interesting about GameFreak's Lab! That in itself is pretty interesting, no?