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GTOS is a CAOS command that returns a moniker from a creature.


Syntax: GTOS slot(integer)

This returns, as a string, the moniker of the slot genome slot. Slot 0 is the creature's own genome and will therefore return its own moniker. Slots above this are used for storing the genome of the unborn children of a pregnant creature. If the slot is empty, it will return an empty string.


Many scripts use GTOS to save the moniker of a creature for use with the various HIST commands (e.g. HIST NAME, HIST TYPE).

Targeting the selected creature and saving its moniker:

targ norn
sets va00 gtos 0

The DS breeding script also uses it to check for multiple eggs:

*ELSE if you are pregnant
doif gtos 1 ne ""
	* find last egg, and lay it
	* va50 - egg number
	setv va50 1
		addv va50 1
	untl gtos va50 = ""
	subv va50 1