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GOG Galaxy Registry Glitch

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The error message that appears when this glitch is active.

The GOG Galaxy Directory Glitch is an error in Creatures Exodus introduced by installing it through the GOG Galaxy launcher on Windows 10. It's caused by Galaxy writing an incompatible directory into the Windows registry. It will prevent the game from running without first taking corrective measures.


Registry Edit Fix[edit]

Using a registry editor, such as Windows's built-in regedit.exe or an alternative such as O&O RegEditor, every instance of "Creatures" must be searched for and the path manually corrected. The same must be done with the machine.cfg file in the folders for both Creatures 3 and Creatures Docking Station.

FixRegistry.cmd has also been created for this purpose.

Offline Installer Workaround[edit]

GOG offers a backup offline installer through the website for all games, which before the introduction of Galaxy was the only option for installation. If the game is installed using this offline installer, the glitch will be circumvented and the game will run normally.

Important to note that even the offline installer will attempt to route the installation through GOG Galaxy anyway if Galaxy is present on the computer. Should this happen, the glitch will still occur, so to use this workaround, Galaxy must first be uninstalled.

After installing the Creatures games, Galaxy may be reinstalled without the glitch occurring again.