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GAME is a C3, DS and Creatures Adventures CAOS command that sets game variables that can be referenced by a name. They are stored as part of each world and are saved in the world files. When a new world is loaded, all the game variables are cleared. If a script uses a non-existent game variable, it is automatically created with a value of 0 (as an integer). Agents, integers, floats and strings can be stored in game variables. Variable names are case sensitive.

There are some conventions for the variable names:

DELG deletes a game variable. A table of game variables can be seen in the CAOS documentation, though the defaults listed are only true for C3; DS overwrites some of them. For example, multiple births are disabled by default in C3, but enabled (though rare) in DS.

A lot of them can be seen in the file "!C3_game variables.cos" in Creatures 3, "!DS_game variables.cos" in Docking Station, and the file "!WS_game variables.cos" in Creatures Village.

See also[edit]

  • OVxx, the numbered target agent variables
  • NAMN, which loops over NAME variables
  • MAME and NAME, the other named variables

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