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Furry Essex Norn

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Creatures 2 Breed
Furry Essex Norn

Furry Essex Norn

Breed Slot Ettin Slot X
Species Norn
Creators Rhanee, Tafgana
Download link Creatures Caves, Eemfoo.org

The Furry Essex Norn is a third-party norn breed for Creatures 2 that features original sprites and a special Canny genome that makes them extremely fertile. Their name is a reference to the Essex Norns, a super-fertile genetic breed that Ali created for Creatures 1, to which they are a spiritual successor.

The Furry Essex Norns were created by Rhanee and Tafgana and were previously hosted at Albia2000, Aqualbia and Goettliche Kreaturen (all down), and for many years were considered lost, until mid-2020 when Jabber uploaded an archived copy to Creatures Caves.