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Fungi (C2)

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Creatures 2 fungi

The Fungi (Fusarium fermanichii) are permanent plants that grow in various places around the Albia of Creatures 2. They cannot be picked up, but can be eaten directly by a creature. In initial versions of the game, they were classified as plants; the Fungi Update reclassifies them as fruit to reduce creature confusion (as other plants in the game are not edible).

Eating the Fungi gives:

With the addition of the Fungi Update, the Fruit Bats can predate the fungi to extinction. Zap created a Modified Bats COB which altered the bats to stop them from eating the fungi patches.

Prior to the update, the fungi used the Creatures 2 class number: 2 4 3. After applying the Fungi Update, the fungi use the Creatures 2 class number: 2 25 16.