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Fungi (C2)

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Creatures 2 fungi

The Fungi (Fusarium fermanichii) are permanent plants that grow in various places around the Albia of Creatures 2. They cannot be picked up, but can be eaten directly by a creature. In initial versions of the game, they were classified as plants; the Fungi Update reclassifies them as fruit to reduce creature confusion (as other plants in the game are not edible).

Eating the Fungi gives:

With the addition of the Fungi Update, the Fruit Bats can predate the fungi to extinction. Zap created a Modified Bats COB which altered the bats to stop them from eating the fungi patches.

Prior to the update, the fungi used the Creatures 2 class number: 2 4 3. After applying the Fungi Update, the fungi use the Creatures 2 class number: 2 25 16.

The fungi use up 2 organic nutrients whenever they fruit. If the level of organic nutrients in its location reaches zero, it will stop fruiting, and it only resume once the level has reached at least 10 again.