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Frog Norn

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Frog Norn

Frog Norn

Species Norn
Breed slot Norn Slot L
Creator Creature Labs

The Frog Norns came as part of Life Kit 2 for Creatures 2, and were the second official norn breed released for the game (the Golden Desert Norns were the first). They only come with adult sprites, and unlike most breeds, which are hatched from eggs in the hatchery, they are injected into the world as frogs that live in the underground lake by the Dark Ocean. On being kissed by a Norn, however, the frog is transformed into a frog norn of the opposite sex. Frog norns are amphibious, but they cannot stray too far from their pool or they will die. Any child of two Frog Norns (a second generation Frog Norn) can move anywhere in Albia, without restriction, and will never revert to frog form.

According to Lis Morris, a Frog Norn genome is very similar to the Golden Desert Norn genome, but amphibious.

NornenMeister has created sprites for the baby and child life stages of the Frog Norn - they can be downloaded at Eem Foo's Archive. Alex also created the Frog Norns V3 which fixes the body data, adds sexual dimorphism (the females look different to the males), and creates old and senile sprites (pictured below). They can be downloaded from Norns of the Round Table.

Did you know? Don has created a Frog Norn Update if you are having difficulties keeping your first-generation Frog Norns close enough to the pool.

Frog Norns V3

C3/DS conversion[edit]

The original Frog Norns have been converted for C3/DS by Fruit of the Doom, and are available for download at Eemfoo.org. They use Grendel breed slot Y.

Norngirl also converted the Frog Norns to C3/DS, but it is unknown whether she released them for download.