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Frog (Daniel Smallman)

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The Frog 1.0 COB was made by Daniel Smallman. It can be downloaded from Albian Critter Litter.

From the readme:

This will inject a new animal for Albia: A frog. You will first get some frogspawn on the bullrushes, under the Herb Garden. After some time, they will hatch. You will then see a tadpole for each egg (that is 6 eggs). They will swim for some time under water, and will change gradually: first they'll push out the front legs, then they will lose their tail and push out their back legs. Finally, they will change into frogs which will appear on the right shore of the pond. Frogs eat dragonflies, bees, caterpillars and Cave Flies, but they don't get very far, they'll just stay round the shore. Try planting Beelacanth plants round and that way you can get some bees to them. When a creature touches (pushes) a frog it will experience:

When a creature eats frog spawn it has the following effects:

The C1 class numbers used by this object are:

  • 2 5 20 (frog spawn)
  • 2 10 78 (adult frog)