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Ashley Harman

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Ashley Harman (aka Frimlin, Ash) was born in New Zealand. He gained much fame in the Creatures Community due in part to the release of his Wood Norns for Creatures, as well as the Red Happy Eaters. He also makes a lot of other things like some genetic breeds for C2: Acid Norns, Amphibian Norns, Electric Norns etc. In 1998, his website Frimlin's Kiwi Creatures won the Golden Shee Awards. The year after, he moved to the UK and took a job at Creature Labs as an Agent Engineer, where he remained for four years, leaving on 28 February 2003.

As well as agents, Frimlin was responsible for the Docking Station newsletter, and he co-wrote the Docking Station Story with Mark Ashton in his spare time. He joined Lionhead Studios in May 2003, and recently worked as Lead Scene Designer on The Movies. His favourite number is 64.

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