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Frame Rater

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The Frame Rater is activated by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + P when running Creatures 3 or Docking Station. A small box will appear in the bottom left of the screen with two numbers: the PACE of the world and the total number of agents in the world. The Frame Rater is updated every 10 ticks, which is roughly every half second.

The first number given is the PACE of the world. This indicates the performance of the engine when the Frame Rater updated. You can interpret these values as:

  • Less than 1.0: Everything is running smoothly and the engine has spare processing time.
  • 1.0: Ticks are taking exactly as long as they were set to by BUZZ.
  • Greater than 1.0: The engine is running slowly.

The second number given is the total number of agents in the world. The Magic Profiler can give more information.

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