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Forum:Seek failed on unnamed file

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After injecting the 3DNG genome in game I closed the C2 and I have downloaded one COB (Cloud Nursery) and Breeding Injection. When I placed their files on correct places, I just ran C2 but then I got the message "Seek failed on unnamed file". I don't know what this means, but the game appears to run and after receiving the message it freezes and closes. I tried everything: I searched for background file (it is on it's old place...), I removed the COB and Breeding Injection, installed new breeds for C2 etc., but message always appears when I try to run a game. I got a lot of error messages connected with C2 during my (very short) life, and they all had an information what file caused the error, so I fixed the all problems within 5-10 minutes. If anyone has an advice for fixing this problem, I would be happy.--Vatrena 18:18, May 20, 2010 (UTC)