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Forum:Save the CC Petition

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The world is quickly forgetting about the humble Norns, Ettins and Grendels, and since they can't think beyond carrots and kiss-popping, they need somebody to stand up for them! This is the definitive site for creatures! We need to get people to join! We will tell our children of our brave Norns, and the adventures they had! If you wish to save the creatures community, then please put your screen name or nickname (real names not required) in a list! Who will fight for their Norns?

1. Black Cat

2. White Kitty

3. MaltoGuy

4. Georgiewill

5. Bobblesnatcher

6. Darwinboy(we sign using the edit button rite?)

7. Andre. i just begun playing the game and fell in love with it, but it saddens me that the community is so stagnated :(

You might want to also post on the user count at the CTopia forum here, but please don't link to this page from other articles in the Wiki as you only need to discuss the topic in one place - Don