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Hi, I play with Creatures by many years and now I have installed Creatures 3 on my Portable pc that have installed Vista. The game havent problem but, when I put the Metaroom.agent file in the folder, i no have the metaroom in the game. Please help me. Thanks.

PS:There are project for a new Creatures's game?

Did you put the metaroom file in the My Agents folder? (with vista the directory should be something like C:/Program Files (86x)/Creatures 3/My Agents) you need to inject the room with the Injector for it to be in your world. and the room might be for docking station only if it doesnt appear there.
They are planning on making Creatures 3D, but it might not make it because of the lack of a strong fanbase =( 19:12, 11 August 2009 (UTC)