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Forum:Picking this up again

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I've just found my old C2 game! I'm relaly excited to try it out again. I got C1 when it was a brand new concept. I was too young to find it entertaining in the least...and quickly lost interest with it. Creatures two was the same.

My main problem has always been trying to get the Norms to be more self sufficient. Is this a normal problem? Then I was reading here about the brain problem inherant in the C2 creatures. I find that a little disheartening.

Should I just go buy Creatures 3 and skip over the problem all together, or is the problem an easy fix?

Thanks a lot,

A wanna-be Creatures Geek

canny norns[edit]

I would suggest that if you haven't you should try the Canny Norns, which were a rather successful attempt to create a breed of norn which didn't have the crazy brain problems present in the original Creatures 2 norns.

If you really must have entirely self-sufficient creatures, though, the Creatures 3/Docking Station norns are rather better at that, although some of us think this kinda removes most of the fun, and so Creatures 2 remains a very popular game, especially in the German community. Fuzzie 18:43, 17 September 2007 (UTC)