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Forum:Newbe can't seam to place cob files

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I have added hundreds of agent files and they work just fine, but when I am following the instructions to place some of the other file types I must just be getting them wrong, which part of the creatures directory do i put the .cob file, they just say the creatures directory, do they just float about lose?

Sorry if this is silly but I just had to get some help

thanks Lady

Creatures 1 cobs go in "C:\Program Files\Creatures\" and Creatures 2 cobs go in the "C:\Program Files\Creatures 2\Objects\" folder. I would presume you're talking about Creatures 1 though as the 'Creatures directory' can just mean the main folder that the game installed to on your hard drive - Don 23:14, 21 January 2007 (UTC)

Hi thank you[edit]

I am running all three, un docked at the moment, and was just wondering whether it workes the same for ds? as I am still having a problem with the .cob files. Was there a tutorial I missed sorry to be a pain :)

Cobs will only work in C1 and C2, depending on which game they are made for. Agents were made to replace them in C3 and DS, not as an addition to them. In other words, C1 cobs will only work in C1, C2 cobs in C2, and agents in C3/DS. Also, just because you have C12DS, that doesn't mean that you can use cobs. You are still playing DS and will still only be able to use agents. - Flame
Creatures 3 and Docking Station use .agent files (which go in "C:\Program Files\Creatures 3\My Agents\" or "C:\Program Files\Docking Station\My Agents\") respectively; although some C1 and C2 addons have been converted for C3DS, e.g. Terra Nornia - Don 20:42, 22 January 2007 (UTC)

Thanks again it all makes sense now[edit]

hope this can help others who were confused like me :) hugs Lady