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Hi! I've began to play Creatures 2 yesterday, and I noticed that every DNA file that I try to look at with the Science Kit is missing. (One example is 6TWT.gen). I supposed that this is not normal... can someone help me, please?

Leone, unregistered user. September 19th - 23:53

they broke the XP re-release[edit]

The newer versions of Creatures 2 which are described as Windows XP compatible (such as The Albian Years package) are all broken like that, unfortunately - they look in the wrong place for the DNA files.

You might try the Creatures Remastered Patch, which fixes some 'looking in the wrong place' problems with the 'remastered for XP' games, but I'm not sure if this one has been fixed by anyone yet. Fuzzie 09:19, 20 September 2007 (UTC)