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Does anyone know how many of the Norn titles came out for Macintosh, and how well the intragrate with the PC users versions? ..thanks -Dane

C1 and C3/DS, and the younger audience version, Creatures Village are all available for the Macintosh Platform.

C1 did not integrate directly with the PC versions, though some agents were compatible (and some horrendously uncompatible) the whole thing being generally unstable.

C3/DS, a port of the Windows game by Kutoka is much more stable though it has its own flaws, such as the lack of a few important keyboard commands (fixed with the 3rd party Arrows Patch).

The exported Norns, agents and metarooms are generally all compatible though. Unlike C1, C3/DS norns don't have to be converted to work in a Mac version of the game, but can be used directly from download to world.

Embri 17:10, 7 May 2007 (UTC)