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Forum:Lost files - what to do?

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A very long time ago I had purchased all the norn packs except for the final Grendel pack and I could swear I had these backed up somewhere safe. Anyways it turns out I was wrong, my previous hard drive was so badly corrupted even the BIOS couldn't recognise it and I had to buy a new one and reinstall everything and all my other backup drives don't have the exes or zips of the norn packs. I'm at a loss what to do since my old account to CDN doesn't seem to exist any more so I can't even go to their official forums to request help. - geekgirl101

If you have any copies of the old installation directories and can grab the My Agents folder and/or the Body Data, Images and Genetics folders then you can get your breeds back, but if not you may have to repurchase them again. Creature Labs (now Gameware Development) have a new forum here and you can find the Creatures Mall here - Don 18:27, 23 April 2007 (UTC)

Ick, that's quite bad to have to purchase them again. :P

I have been informed that we have old tape backups lying around that will likely have the agent zips and archives on them. It's a matter of plugging in a tape drive and see if they're on there and put them in a more accessible drive incase something similar happens in the near future. - geekgirl101