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This is Drlupinmario. I would like to say that if you ever give me a real seccond chance (And dont say I already had one-I didnt.), I will help you guys in whatever small ways I possibly can. Now, That wont happen, So I can only say that until then, Prepare to learn how evil I am as an enemy... User:

I've given Drlupinmario a rewrite to focus more on who you are in the CC. If you show us that you can conduct yourself appropriately, then you are welcome here at the wiki. :) I'm sure that you'd much prefer to be helpful than 'evil'. You may want to begin editing on topics that you don't feel passionately about.-Malkin 23:22, 25 April 2007 (UTC)
Just let it be known that if you try anything foolish, we'll just ban you and revert everything. Don't waste your time. Find something constructive to contribute, or take your threatening nonsense elsewhere. Further, I note that this is actually your third chance; the first time we unbanned you, you continued to do silly, disruptive things. ElasticMuffin 23:29, 25 April 2007 (UTC)

.... Really then? Its not like I care if I am banned from the wiki or not. Go ahead, Keep my ban there, I really wont care. Its just the rest of the community... Anyways...

Thank you Malkin... Thank you for everything. I now dissapear into the wind. The next time you see me hopefully, There will be a new age. The community is in shambles, Lets face it. Most, If not all of the community have left, And the place is slowly... No, Quickly dieing. -Drlupinmario 03:40, 8 May 2007 (UTC)

Oh, By the way, If your st00pid g00nies keep on kicking and banning me from the IRC, I WILL take my services somewhere else. "OMG DLM JOO SUXZORZ YOU HAV NO S3RVIC3S LOLOL" You are probably saying to yourself. If thats what you want to belive, Go ahead and belive it (And shove a sock in your mouth while you are at it!). I can and will make plenty of changes, No matter what happens. Yes, Even if you reject me. -Drlupinmario

Just in an attempt to clear this up for what must be at least the third time[edit]

Al200002/AL37/AL~X2 here,

DLM, Creatures Wiki isn't affiliated in any way with JRC. JRC is a seperate entity entirely, however there is a client on this wiki. This does not mean Creatures Wiki (or anyone else) has "g00nies", by which I assume you mean "goons", on JRC. Data (the only Operator who hangs around regularly anymore) is just that - an Operator of JRC, someone hand-chosen by a Master (LummoxJR or someone hand-chosen by him to be a Master) because of their continued enforcement of the rules of JRC.

-- 18:17, 17 May 2007 (UTC)