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Forum:Creatures 3 installation problems

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Hi, I'm at my wits end at the moment. I've always enjoyed creatures and creatures 3 had been my favorite game for well years.I've been trying to install it again after my computer got a big overhaul. It now also works on Windows XP Professional. I still have the original disk, so I'm using that. Now before my overhaul I remember having a similar problem with my laptop, or even this PC I can't remember exactly, its been almost 6 month. My laptop also works on xp, and somehow I got the original version to install there. I just don't remember how.

my error basically is when I run the setup at 9% it freezes, this is when it's copying the gren3.4.blk file... it freezes a while then then shows me this error message: error has occurred while copying file: -117 and then what file it is(which I know because I follow my install... always the gren3.4.blk) I'm not a computer whiz and don't have a clue what that -117 means, but when I tried a suggestion my dad gave me(just copy the whole disk to your pc) I got similar errors with other files... the Mediscreen.c16 file got a -113 I think, and several more like that.

Is my cd just bad or what? I'm installing under an admin account and have been fruitlessly searching the internet all evening for an answer... anyone have ANY ideas?

I've got a problem with instaling C3 instalation file, too, but another. I can't answer on your question beacuse I am not informed about this and other problems. But, I think the problem with that file it's... mysterious. Maybe, the C3 instalation file is bad, just like all another Creatures instaling files on the internet (as far I know).-- 18:37, 16 June 2009 (UTC)