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Forum:Creatures 3... worth buying? what platforms?

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like i said, Creatures three. is it worth buying? how does it compare to the first 2 creatures? is it simpler? more complicated? and what platforms does it come on?

Also, whats exodus like? is it better or worse than c2? better or worse than c3?

PS: if i get a ****ing *performed illegal operation* messgae, how do i fix it?

I Think It's Worth It

I probably play C3 (well, DS with C3 attached) more than any of the other games right now, but that's largely because I love wolfling runs and I find they're most successful in this game. The norns are less prone to OHSS in this game, and they're much easier to care for, but I also feel the game lost much of its charm in this second sequel. The menus (if you could call them that look simpler but if you're into the biochemistry of the game, it's near-impossible to mess with it unless you get third-party agents involved. There is no science or health kit, which annoys me greatly. I also think the ship(s) are less "pretty" than either version of Albia, but that's really a personal preference.

As for platforms, I know it's available for Win98 and above (because I can play it on both my 6 year old desktop and my brand new WinXP Pro laptop). I can't remember if it's available for Mac or not, but it might be.

I hope that helps. :) Officer 1BDI 23:31, 11 November 2006 (UTC)

It is also possible to install C3 on Linux, using the lc2e engine from the linux version of Docking Station. There's an installer to do it for you somewhere. I can look up more detailed info upon request. ElasticMuffin 07:06, 12 November 2006 (UTC)